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2019 Land Pride RGR1274 Gear Drive Tow Behind Tiller


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Olson Power & Equipment, Inc.
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Land Pride
RGR1274 Gear Drive Tow Behind Tiller


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New Land Pride RGR1274 Gear Drive Tow Behind Tiller for sale.

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Land Pride is expanding our popular line of 3-point Rotary Tillers with the addition of two gear drive models -- the RGA12 forward rotation and RGR12 reverse rotation. These American-made tillers feature Cat. 1 hitch, plate steel A-frame and 540 RPM gearbox. Both models include a 17" diameter rotor, 6 "C" shaped tines per flange, and a 7" tilling depth. The rotor is powered by a spur-gear drive in an oil bath with a heavy stamped drive cover. The RGA12 and RGR12 Models are designed for compact tractors up to 60 HP.

  • American made: American made means better quality & parts availability. Most tillers are imported.
  • Tractor hp range: 30-60 hp
  • Reverse tilling action: Reverse action ‘sucks’ tiller into ground, does not walk on top of hard ground like forward rotation tillers can.
  • 3 Year limited gearbox warranty: 3 Years on housings, seals, bearings. Shows our confidence in the product.
  • 42", 50", 58", 66", 74", & 82" Working widths: A wide range of widths are available to meet specific customer needs.
  • 7" Tilling depth: For deep soil penetration.
  • Formed plate steel upper hitch: Plate steel is stronger than flat bar type hitch.
  • Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch: Allows for quick and easy one person hook-up.
  • Park stand: Allows for easy hook-up and storage.
  • Adjustable skid shoes: Control depth with seven adjustments.
  • Formed and reinforced rear deflector: Keeps dirt in and leaves a level finish. Forming gives deflector additional strength. Adjustable deflector allows for various finish results.
  • Front deflector: Front deflector is flexible to take the beating from rocks or debris.
  • Bolt in rotor: Rotor removes and replaces easier for servicing.
  • 17" Rotor swing diameter: For deep tilling and turns the soil over faster.
  • Six "C" shaped, heat-treated tines per flange: "C" Shaped tines require less hp to move through the ground. Six tines per flange make for a better seedbed in less time than four tines.
  • Double lip seal on rotor bearing: Double lip seal helps keep the dirt out and the grease in.
  • Fully shielded slip-clutch driveline: Protects gearbox and rotor shaft upon hitting obstructions. Slip-clutch saves having to replace shear-pins.
  • Gear drive enclosed in oil bath: Gear drive requires less maintenance than roller chain drive. Oil bath keeps wear to a minimum.
  • Stamped gear case cover: Stamped forming gives the chain cover strength.
  • Optional BX driveline: This driveline will fit B and BX Kubota tractors without cutting it to fit. Not quick hitch adaptable for B & BX Kubota tractors.
  • Recommended tractor Power Take-Off hp: 30 to 60 HP
  • Weight: 601 lb.
  • Working depth: 7 in.
  • Working width: 74 in.
  • Overall width: 79 1/2 in.
  • 3-Point hitch type: Category I, 3-point plate steel A-frame, Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch
  • Driveline: Category 4 with Slip Clutch
  • Optional BX driveline: Category 4 with Slip Clutch, Not recommended with Quick Hitch
  • Number of flanges on rotor: 9
  • Number of tines per flange: 6
  • Tine construction: Alloy steel heat-treated in.C in. shaped blades
  • Rotor rotation: Reverse rotation
  • Rotor swing diameter: 17 in.
  • Rotor shaft speed: 211 RPM at 540 RPM power take-off
  • Rotor bearing mount: Machined cast iron with ball bearings
  • Skid shoes: Adjustable
  • Park st0and: Adjustable
  • Rear deflector: Adjustable
  • Front deflector: Rubber
  • Gearbox construction: 60 HP in.put at 540 RPM 1.92:1 ratio, Cast iron housing with ASAE 1 3/8 in. - 6 spline shaft, tapered roller bearings, bevel gears, drain plug, level plug & fill plug
  • Gearbox lubrication: 2 Pints of SAE 80-90W EP oil
  • Drive end construction: Spur gears enclosed in. an oil bath with oil level plug or sight glass and oil fill/breather plug
  • Gear case lubrication: 6 Pints of SAE 80-90W EP oil
  • Spur gears: Case hardened teeth



Working Width
74 in. (188 cm)
79 1/2 in.
27 1/4 in.


Recommended HP
30 - 60 hp
601 lb. (273 kg)

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