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How To Mow Your Lawn Like A Pro

If you’re dedicated to maintaining your property on your own, there are a few helpful tips you’ll want to consider. Olson Power Equipment has gathered some important lawn mowing tips to help you mow like a pro. If you’re still searching for the perfect lawn mower, visit our dealership to start browsing. We’re located in North Branch, MN. Be sure to check out our reputable service department while you’re here as well.


When you’re mowing the lawn, time is a critical aspect to consider. For instance, there are a number of factors that will determine how often you fertilize it. Other factors include the time of year, how often you’ll need to water it, and so on. You should make it a point to mow your lawn once the grass is around a third higher than the recommended mowing height. This means if you cut your lawn at 3 inches high, you should be mowing it when it reaches 4 inches.


You’ll also want to consider how much you should cut. Some people believe it’s best to cut your grass very short so you don’t have to mow it as often. As a matter of fact, this isn’t always the best idea. Shorter grass means there’s less shade to protect the roots. As a result, the sun can scorch it yellow. If your goal is to keep your lawn looking as healthy and lush as possible, you shouldn’t cut it below 3 inches.

Another key lawn mowing tip is that you should not cut more than one-third of the grass blades at once. When you break out your machine for the first cut of the season, set your blades high and gradually lower them with each cut until you achieve your desired height. We recommend this method because when you cut the grass too short too quickly, you put unnecessary stress on the plant stems.


Whenever you operate heavy machinery, like a lawn mower, safety should be a top priority. Always refer to your owner’s manual for important safety information. Don’t forget to check the lawn for any rocks or debris before you begin mowing. You should keep pets and children out of the way while you’re tending to the lawn. Make sure you stop the lawn mower and let the engine cool off for about ten minutes before fueling up. Remember that you should never leave a running machine unattended. Use caution when you mow on slopes because they can easily cause loss of control.

We hope that you’ve found these lawn mowing tips useful. For more information or to check out our inventory, stop by Olson Power Equipment in North Branch, MN!

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